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September News

September 30, 2006

The annual Safaricom Marathon held on Lewa on the 24th of June this year was a huge success! Over $200,000 was raised for the different charities. This money will be distributed as follows this year;

Northern Rangeland Trust Community Projects - 25 % Education - 20% Healthcare - 10% Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - 35% Other Tusk Trust projects in Kenya - 10%

There are some serious PR for Lewa coming up in the UK this autumn so look out for the following programmes;

"Game Ranger Diaries" on Channel 5, starting on 11 October at 7.00pm. This is a series of ten 45 minute programmes featuring Lewa.

We are also hosting at the moment "Mission Africa" on Lewa and up in the newly formed Sera Wildlife Conservancy. This is a series of 15 x 30 minute programmes commissioned for BBC1 to go out in January 2007.

We hope that this will be interactive which will enable viewers to donate direct to Lewa and Sera. We feel that this will be a major success - the crew have been getting lots of really good wildlife footage as well as covering the construction of a lodge and water projects at Sera. The programme features 15 artisans and two presenters - Ken Hames and Nick Knowles.

Lewa has also had some very successful follow ups with our two Blood Hound tracker dogs; Toffe and Jack. The dogs have recently been on a refresher course at Mugie, a neighboring ranch and since returning they have had some notable successes in the field. The most notable being the recovery of a young child who got lost for 24 Hours and was found by the dogs hungry and scared on the edge of the Ngare Ndare Forest, A successes that warrants the entire costs and care of these dogs alone.