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Drought has broken

February 25, 2006

Half of Kenya has wonderful rain over the past ten days. This is certainly enough to stop livestock dying and to give everyone a sense of hope for the forthcoming rains, normally expected for the middle of March.

Lewa itself ahs had two inches of rain and it is looking wonderful and green again. We have now stopped feeding all wildlife and this morning we have initiated our annual game count where we are hopeful that Grevy's number should be up from last year, and the only wildlife we have really lost due to the drought is a small number of buffalos in the Ngare Ndare Forest.

The story in the NRT areas north of Lewa is very different. The rain that fell in the central part of Kenya did not touch these northern areas and the situation there is very grave. Livestock continues to die at an alarming rate and the earliest that rain can be expected in this area is towards the end of the month.

In the next few days we will send out a full report on the success of the Anthrax vaccination programme, so stand by for this.

We have some good news from Lewa; Two of our young black rhino females have given birth; Oboso gave birth on the 23rd of February. She is the youngest black rhino to give birth in Kenya ever. She is 5.4 years old and her homerange is close to the Ngare Ndare Forest. Nashami gave birth on the 28th of February. Both these two calves are up for naming so if you are interested, please contact me on