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March 10, 2006

Executive Summary February has been a busy month for Lewa Education Trust. All the lucky beneficiaries joining form one in the bursary program were taken to school with all the requirements of the different schools they were called to. This included the tuition fee, uniform, books, beddings, and the basic needs of each of the child. All the Lewa supported schools have feeding programs in place especially at this time of the drought. This had led to an increase in enrolment in the schools especially those that had no feeding programs earlier on.

Activities Ball games and gymnastics competition are taking place in all the schools. Employed three teachers at Kanyunga primary school to reduce the understaffing as well as four teachers in Lewa School. The teacher student ratio was very high in the schools. Lewa supported Schools sat for the Lewa Challenge Mocks. Adult Literacy learners sat for their end of month exams. Initiated a feeding programme in Subuiga Primary School. Complimented the Ntugi feeding program supported by the Government by buying the cooking pots, plates and spoons.

School Report Lewa Education Trust receives 20% of the total raised at the annual International Lewa Safaricom Marathon that takes place at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. From last year's event, LET is undertaking the following projects: Ntugi - Classrooms and desks Munanda - Latrines Mutunyi - Classroom Leparua - sports facilities Karimba - fencing the school compound Lewa - New kitchen

LET is working together with the District Education Office and the education partners to improve the standard of education in our schools through curriculum development. We are seeking better methods of delivering the curriculum to the children in the class so as to improve the means scores at the end of the day. The annual Lewa Safaricom is taking place on June 24th 2006. Children from Lewa Supported schools aged 10-15 years participate in the Kid's race as well children from other schools.

Bursaries The program has 133 children in the program that are either is primary, secondary, mid-level college or university. The children that sat for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education performed better than the previous years. The students with B+ will definitely be called to a public university but the rest will go to either private university or mid level colleges depending on the availability of funding.

Adult Literacy The classes went as usual, with attendance still not being regular. The reason is that most learners are preparing the farms for the short rains. The class enrollment in Leparua class has increased because the Maasai community has seen the importance of basic education where they have been taught how to read and write, and good farming skills. It has been realized that slowly by slowly, the Maasai men and women are having agreed to sit and learn place which is contrary to their cultural beliefs. Matunda and Subuiga class got motivated when they received donated relief food from the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy staff.