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Toki is moving to Ol Pejeta

November 22, 2005

It is a testament to the progressive and far sighted policies of Ol Pejeta that, whilst dealing with enormous challenges on a daily basis, it makes the time, resources and space available to one rather small, big cat.

Admittedly, this is a rather special Big Cat in many ways. Toki the Cheetah is one of two brothers that were originally brought into the care of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy when they were mere scraps of flesh, their mother having been killed by a lion leaving them orphaned. That was in August 2002.

The two brothers were raised by hand but were soon living wild in Lewa. Sambu, Toki's sibling, was sadly killed by a lion when he was two years old. Toki survived that encounter, and has gone on to earn his living quite naturally from the bush.

Early last year, Toki was attacked by three resident male cheetahs in Lewa, and after a lengthy convalescence, decided to leave, walking south east. He was kindly hosted by Ol Donyo Ranch on a 1000 acre sanctuary for several months, but it was always known that he would, in time need more space and, we all hope, an opportunity to meet a female cheetah.

Ol Pejeta has stepped into the breach, offering Toki a home that promises to be secure, bountiful, and with the promise of encounters! Of course he will have to face the same risks faced by any wild cheetah in time, but with the watchful care of the staff on the Conservancy will give him the best possible chance of a long and happy life.

Stephen is of course there with him to ensure his well-being and safety. So far he is doing very well.