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Toki News and Adult Literacy Education

August 05, 2005 Sara Spendrup

Toki News

Toki is doing very well. Since he had problems getting on with the other cheetahs here on Lewa it was decided to move him onto a neighbouring farm close to the Lewa boundary. So for the last six months he has lived on Ol Donyo Farm with Stephen, his keeper. He has been hunting on his own but due to lack of prey on Ol Donyo he has been fed as well.

There are plans being formed to move Toki to a place where he will be able to live as a completely wild cheetah and where there will be an opportunity for him to find females and breed. We will keep you posted.  

The International Adult Literacy Day celebration.

The Lewa Adult literacy centre participated in this year's international literacy day celebrations that were held in the Isiolo District social grounds. The international literacy Day is marked annually on 9th September .The theme of this years celebrations was "Lets all Read" The event was officially opened by the district officer who came to represent the Isiolo district commissioner. The Lewa adult education office had received the invitation letter to this celebration through the Isiolo Adult Education officer. The total number of the adult education centers in the district is 64 and Lewa is part of this total number. The celebrations began with entertainments from the adult learners from the different centers who had been invited. The Lewa adult learners made a presentation of three songs in praise of the adult education programme and also choral verse. The learners received much applause from the public who had gathered at the grounds. The people were very impressed by the command of English and Swahili that was being exhibited by our learners. The Lewa adult program was voted the best adult education center in the district. The learners were also congratulated for their exemplary performance in the whole district. There were thirty eight learners who sat for the adult education proficiency examination in July this year and fifteen of them passed and were awarded their certificates on that day. The Lewa centre is the one with the highest number with the students who had passed this exam and for this reason they were awarded a trophy that