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New Baby White Rhino to be Hand Reared

February 27, 2005 Sara Spendrup

On the 25th February we were contacted by the manager of Solio Ranch Game Reserve who told us he had a very young baby white rhino with no mother. One of his staff was driving round the ranch when this baby rushed up to the vehicle seemly thinking the car was its mother! After a fruitless search for the mother it was decided that the baby needed to be looked after and we were called. The next day Ian and Richard flew over to Solio and returned with the baby in the plane!

The baby is now living with Tula, the 9 month old black whose mother is blind. They are both staying at Ian and Jane's house and again Jane is having sleepless nights bottle feeding every couple of hours. It is interesting to see the difference in behaviour - the black follows it's mother while the white leads (you can imagine the confusion!). However they are both getting on really well and certainly tolerating each other's existence.

Dentist on Lewa Lewa has been lucky enough to attract the services of a volunteer dentist to look after our dental health. During the week of 21-28 February Robert Coleman and his wife Kate offered their help. Robert works in Gloucester in a private practice. While they were here (and Kate, who having never seen Robert work was employed as his assistant) the treated many people with tooth ache and pains.

Lewa staff and local communities were delighted to have the clinic here. Robert was overwhelmed by people needing treatment and in the course of the week saw over 240 patients (more than he would see in two months in the UK), extracted 115 teeth and put in 50 fillings. All patients received a toothbrush and paste for their pains!

Robert and Kate through their warm manner and kindly approach to all patients rapidly became firm friends of all. They will be sorely missed but hope to return again in August when we know the queue of patients will be as long or longer.