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Toki in Trouble!

October 24, 2004 Sara Spendrup

On Sunday the 24th October Stephen, Toki's carer, and Toki were out walking. Toki was about 800 meters in front of Stephen when the three cheetah brothers suddenly attacked him. Stephen came to his rescue as soon as he could but by the time he got to the scene the three brothers had already done some serious damage to poor Toki.

He has got bite-marks over most of his body with particular damage to his neck and back legs. Ironically it was the radio collar he was wearing that protected his throat from the attackers.

Stephen immediately called Ian who came and picked the two up. Back at the house Ian, with the help of Vet Dr. Richard Kock over the phone, proceeded to clean the wounds and give him all the antibiotics that he would need to fight a possible infection.

On Sunday night his chances did not look too good, probably about a 50-50 chance of survival. Monday morning he was drinking and did not show any signs of a major infection and today, Tuesday, he is looking even better. Ian thinks that he has got about a 70-30 chance to make it through this. He is still on antibiotics and his wounds are getting cleaned three times per day.

Stephen has not left Toki's side since the incident and if Stephen had not been there Toki would definitely not be alive today and it also takes some courage to chase off three fully-grown cheetahs.

At the moment we are only concentrating on getting Toki through this initial healing stage, but later on there will be some discussion with Simon King and Marguerite Smits Van Oyen as to what the future holds for Toki.

We will keep you posted with updates on Toki's progress.