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Assorted News From Lewa

July 16, 2004 Sara Spendrup

We have had our 34th white rhino born on the 27th of June.

Rinta, the mother, was born on the 3/06/1994. She is the first calf born to Ngororika when she was moved to Lewa from Solio Ranch. Rinta had her first calf at the age of eight years and now her second at the age of ten.

Both mother and baby are well but do not like to get photographed so we do not have any photos yet.

We have been involved in some small scale but significant animal translocations: 1st to 3rd July Lewa assisted the Uganda Wildlife Authority moving 11 Eland from Lake Mburu National Park, in the South of Uganda to Kidepo Valley National Park over 1,300km to the North. The move went very well.

Ian and Richard have gone down to the coast today to move seven giraffe within the Bamburi Nature Park (there may be a little fishing as well!).

Toki, the orphan cheetah brother is doing very well on his own. He has been seen hunting a lot for himself in the last few months and is looking in very good condition.

The Lewa Safaricom Marathon took place on the 26th of June. It all went very well and we are hoping for more sponsorship than last year.