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Lewa Assists in Local Emergency

August 25, 2004 Sara Spendrup

On Sunday night at about 6.00pm there was a nasty traffic accident between Archer’s Post and Isiolo involving a vehicle from the Kenya Army. The vehicle over turned with 7 fatalities and over 40 badly injured soldiers.

The casualties were transferred to Isiolo hospital overnight and from first light this morning Lewa became a casualty clearing station as the injured were flown in by helicopter, stabilised by a British Army doctor and Rebecca Mukunya, our nurse before being loaded onto Kenyan Air Force planes and evacuated to Nairobi Hospital.

The staff of Lewa provided: medical support, equipment for the clearing station, aircraft handling, fuel, vehicles to move casualties, stretcher bearers, food and of course the ubiquitous continuous hot tea! At one time we had 5 helicopters on the ground and two Air Force fixed wing planes.

All who were involved were superb, extremely helpful and responsive. We were visited by General Njeroge, the Army Deputy Commander, who expressed his sincere thanks to Lewa.

It is just another reminder of how well trained all our staff are and how we can be of assistance to the local community.