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Lewa Clinic, Mobile Facility and Laboratory

October 02, 2004 David Parkinson

The Lewa clinic has now benefited from the influx of funds and grants received this year. In summary:

The staff is now 2 nurses; Agnes Mugo and Rebecca Mwai. Agnes has qualified this year as an Aids councillor. The Laboratory is finished and working really well. Henry Muchiri has been employed as the technician and using all his wonderful new equipment (special thanks to Monica Luethy in Switzerland for the microscopes and the the church in Brugg Switzerland who sponsored the laboratory with US$ 5400). The opening of the lab has made a dramatic impact o­n firstly our ability to diagnose and quickly treat patients and second reduced significantly the need for trips to hospital in Meru. Finally Simon Moi has been trained as a driver and re-employed at the administrator. He holds the place together! Simon also raised over $1,500 by running the Lewa Marathon; money he has donated to Sanga primary school.

We now also have a dedicated car for the mobile visits to Lebarua and Sanga, both small communities o­n Lewa's boundaries with no other easy access to healthcare.

We are now looking at ways that we can reach out further to help communities who are members of the Northern Rangelands Trust by enhancing their healthcare.

We are very grateful for the support that many people have shown this year - almost too many to mention. Please keep the support coming!