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Wildlife Reports

May 31, 2004 Sara Spendrup

4 th May, Black Rhino called Mawingo has given birth again.

6 th May, Mawingo's calf (female) found abandoned and is now being hand reared.

10 th May, White Rhino called Murembo has given birth.

13 th May, total of 61 Rhino o­n Lewa spotted by security in the field. This is the highest number reported in a single day.

14 th May, Sambu, o­ne of the orphaned male Cheetah was killed by a Lion.

3 Bull Elephant are causing fence problems o­n LWC. The main culprit is o­ne that we cut short its tusks last year in an attempt to stop his bad habit. It has proven to be short lived.

26 th May, 63 Wild Dogs reported near Lolokwe in NWCT.

31 st May, treated a pregnant Grevy's Zebra. Had attempted to give birth, but dead fowl, 3 days old and rotten. Darted the animal and pulled the fowl free.
Black rhino

Total: 37

1 birth to Mawingo o­n 1 May 2004

Mean sighting frequency: 2.3
White rhino

Total: 33

1 birth to Murembo o­n 8 May 2004

Mean sighting frequency: 1.7