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Lewa Clinic Latest

January 17, 2004 Sara Spendrup

The Lewa Clinic is in the process of receiving a much needed face lift and expansion. Until recently we have had to send our patients to Meru - a journey of at least a day - just for routine tests. The extension will allow our staff to do the tests here and administer treatment much earlier.

We are also taking the opportunity to put power into the clinic to enable work at night and refrigeration for our drugs. This work has been very kindly sponsored by Deborah Smith-Callahan, Lucy Fowler, Chris Tarr, Rob and Anne Parkinson, and Ralph and Leslie Barnes. Thank you for all your support.

We are still in need of your support; we need to buy some equipment for the laboratory, sterilizers, water heaters and other sample testing equipment.

The wife of the deputy director, Sonja Parkinson has now also been seen regularly visiting Leparua community on our northern boundary with Agnes running a weekly mobile clinic. This has significantly helped the health of that community. It is something of a sight to see Sonja's little 3 door Rav 4 often employed as an ambulance and a matatu!

The clinic is now extending to a second village on our northern boundary at Sanga. This is a small community of about 150 people but does not even have one toilet! Our help is much needed and appreciated.