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Buffalo Move

February 22, 2003

It took place in Nakuru National Park (NNP)and the aim was to catch 70 buffalo and translocate these animals to LWC and to Il Ngwesi. NNP is way over populated with buffalo, thought to be in the region of 4,000 animals, and hence the need to remove some. This first attempt is seen a trial run on Buffalo capture and if considered successful, then much larger numbers to be translocated will follow.

A total of 73 buffalo were translocated, 18 to LWC and a further 55 to Il Ngwesi. All have been free released apart from nine animals that have been held for one week in the Il Ngwesi Rhino pen. These will be released tomorrow into the Rhino sanctuary there. There were only two fatalities, both being before they were loaded for transportation. In fact they travelled very well. The two groups released onto LWC have been seen, but have yet to mix with others on LWC. The free released buffalo at Il Ngwesi have also been seen along the Ngare Ndare River area. Several of these animals are sporting green ear tags for future identification. We will keep you informed.