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Treating A Grevy's Zebra

April 15, 2003 Sara Spendrup

On the 16th of April 2003 one female Grevy’s zebra was spotted on the western boundary of Lewa. She had awful cuts on both sides of her belly. She was surprisingly calm and unfazed about her injuries, grazing along side by side with the other zebras. Since we suspected that she was pregnant so we decided to dart her to see if there was any chance of stitching her wounds up and in doing so saving her life.

The darting went very well and within minutes she was down. When we took a closer look we discovered that the wounds were too old to stitch and that they had started healing already. The wounds were probably caused by a lion attack.

We cleaned the wounds up and treated her with antibiotics and gave her the antidote. She was up almost straight away and off to join the others. We also discovered that she was not pregnant but lactating.

She has then been spotted every day since, and is doing really well.