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Success story of the week: Doris Kendi's incredible triumph

July 02, 2015

My name is Doris Kendi and I am a real example of what is possible. 

Here is my story:
Born to a semi-illiterate mum and an absentee dad, life was not easy. We were family of five, Mama, my three brothers and I. My elder brothers dropped out of school because of lack of school fees. We survived from hand to mouth barely making a dollar a day. We mostly had one meal per day and sometimes this one meal was hard to find.

Despite all this, school was my darling. I adored waking up each day and running to school bare foot on the rough terrain of Isiolo County in Kenya. When my mum could not raise our fees any more I was devastated. I could not believe school was over for us. I wanted to be a doctor so badly that it hurt.  I moved in to my uncle’s house to work as help, in exchange for him to pay my primary school fees. 

Four years later I sat my secondary school final exams. I did very well and through Lewa Education Programme I was admitted to The University of Nairobi to study economics. In April 2013 I completed my course work for my bachelor’s degree and graduated in December 2013. I got a job immediately with PKF International, and have been working here for two years now.

I feel strongly that I must give back to the community.  Just like someone came through for me and made me a better person, I will change someone’s life with the little that I have. I believe it is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little. My friends and I have come together and formed an education foundation (DTI Education Support Foundation). We plan to uplift someone’s life by sponsoring them through high school. Especially, girls from Isiolo County who get into early marriages due to lack of education. 

It is one step at a time for me. We have picked two needy students from my former primary school already. We will sponsor them through high school as from next year.  We went down to Elsa with my friends on 5th September 2014. We also had goodies for the girls. This is a great step for me and my home area. I thank God for how far I have come.

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