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Lewa receives global visibility for its successful efforts in conservation

March 03, 2015

This World Wildlife Day, Lewa is proud to have its success in anti-poaching featured on BBC News. 

Click here to see the feature.

Sadly the illegal killing of wildlife continues to plague the continent, putting immense pressure on conservancies and other wildlife areas with rhino and elephant populations. As an exception however, Lewa's efforts in gathering of intelligence, increased use of technology, staff motivation and most importantly, greater investment to our neighbouring communities paid off last year and we did not lose any of our rhino to poachers.

"Conservation in Africa right now is overshadowed by the illegal wildlife trade and horrifying images of poached elephant and rhino. However, while it is the reality we face, it is also vital to have global news channels showcase the success stories such as Lewa not losing any rhino to poachers in 2014.

These stories inspire and give hope that we will win this war for the benefit of our wildlife. We are proud  to feature on the BBC as an example of successful conservation work." Mike Watson, Lewa's Chief Executive Officer. 

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Lewa is only able to protect its wildlife thanks to the continued investment from supporters across the globe. You too can be part of our success story by investing in our conservation programmes. Click here to find out how to donate or email for more information.