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Girls, Fun and Football!

October 09, 2014

Few events on Lewa's school calendar possess the palpable excitement of the annual Girls' Football Tournament. Now in its third year, the event continues to provide a fun and competitive platform for girls from the Lewa-sponsored schools to compete and showcase their prowess in the traditionally male-dominated game.

This year saw 12 teams battle it out in the blazing September sun, 11 of them aiming to beat Kanyunga School, the previous year's winners. However, despite their best efforts, the girls were unable to dethrone Kanyunga who successful defended their title, emerging winners for the second consecutive year. 

An elated Kanyunga School captain explained:

"It was not easy, we practised hard and we are glad to have defended our title. We know we have a greater challenge next year as all the other schools are aiming at beating us!"

Lewa is extremely grateful to Eco-Sys Action who have sponsored the event since its inception. 

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