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You can learn more about the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy through papers, publications and materials produced by us and made available in this document library. Whenever possible, Lewa makes its publications available in PDF format. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to access our PDF files.

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08/14 LEWA public inspection 990 2013
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08/14 LEWA Public Inspection 990 2012
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08/14 LEWA public inspection 990 12_31_11
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08/14 Lewa Education Programme Development Plans

Lewa's Education Programme continues to be one of the greatest ways in which the Conservancy shares the benefits of conservation with its neighbouring communities. This document outlines the development plans for the 19 Lewa-sponsored schools for the next four years, as well the bursary and adult literacy programmes. 

Education, Community Development
07/14 2014 Full Marathon Results

Results for the 2014 full marathon runners.

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07/14 Half Marathon Results

Results for the 2014 Half Marathon. 

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