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News on Lewa


Lewa has sponsored Munanda School, a government run primary school in one of the Conservancy's neighbouring communities, for the past 11 years. Located in the North-Eastern part of Lewa, the school is one of the Education Programme's greatest success, evident in its transformation from a run down... more


Every day, rangers put their lives on the line to protect our precious wildlife. A ranger's work often involves a lot of sacrifice, having to wake up at the crack of dawn to patrol vast areas and ensure that wildlife is safe from harm.  The 31st of July is the World Ranger Day. Lewa celebrates and... more


Renowned filmmaker Alan Root has raised funds from two great supporters of conservation - Paul Jones and David Koch - to have all his iconic wildlife films transferred to DVDs which will be given free to any organisation in East Africa involved in conservation or wildlife education.  Two sets of the first... more


Charging through Lewa's undulating course, last year's full marathon winners, Philemon Baaru and Fridah Lodepa, cemented their champion status by retaining their titles. Baaru has now won the race three years in a row making him the man to beat in next year's event. 2009 Kuala Lumpur Marathon winner Fridah Lodepa also... more


My name is Natalie Winmill and as part of my master’s qualification I will be spending two months collecting elephant movement data on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. My master’s course, MRes Wildlife Conservation, is a partnership of the University of Southampton and Marwell Wildlife and was designed specifically to train the... more


As you’ve probably heard, Lewa’s hard-working old tractor has finally met its end. After miles of loyal service, there is no pull left in the worn out machine. The loss of this critical piece of equipment is dangerous for Lewa’s operations and needs to be replaced as quickly as possible. THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS THIS: THE LOSS... more