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News on Lewa


Last week, a team from the Kenya Wildlife Service led by Dr. Rono joined the Lewa Research team in treating this injured female Grevy's zebra.  Lewa Safari Camp guide Tom Njogu had previously spotted the zebra limping in obvious pain and alerted the Research Team. Dr. Rono and the team cleaned the wounds... more


THANK YOU 2014 has been a year of significant milestones for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and, as always, our successes can be attributed to the donor support that we receive from around the world.Your generosity has helped Lewa to continue our conservation and development work, and to expand our impact to help... more


Lewa is one of only two properties in Africa to feature on the first Green List honour by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Picture courtesy of Lewa House /  On the 14th of November, IUCN announced its first Green List of Protected Areas in Sydney, Australia. The... more


This has been a successful week for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. On Sunday, Lewa was recognised at the Safari Awards in London, followed by a Silver Award at the World Responsible Tourism Awards on Wednesday.  The Safari Award results were announced at a cocktail reception at Paramount Bar, looking out... more


Titilei, a robust white rhino living on Lewa delivered her third calf about a month ago much to delight of the entire Conservancy. While there is nothing extraordinary about a southern white rhino reproducing, according to our resident vet Dr. Matthew Mutinda, Titilei's latest delivery falls slightly short of being... more


Last week on Thursday, our resident Kenya Wildlife Service Vet Dr. Matthew Mutinda received a call from the neighbouring Marania Farm - an abandoned elephant calf had strayed into their property from the adjoining elephant corridor.  To ensure the safety and survival of the calf, a team from Lewa, Kenya... more