Support Lewa

Support Lewa

As a privately run, non-profit organisation, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has become renowned worldwide for its innovative and highly successful conservation strategies.

Lewa’s success relies on the support of communities, businesses and like-minded people.

Without the generosity and vision of our past and present supporters, Lewa would not be what it is today. Without future donor funding Lewa cannot continue to operate.

How Can You Help?

Donate Online:

  • If you live in the United States, click here to donate
  • If you live in Canada, click here to donate
  • If you like in the UK, click here to donate
  • If you live anywhere else in the world, contact our Donor Relations Manager, Ruwaydah Abdulrahman

Lewa Abroad – Our offices abroad enable you to be part of Lewa’s mission in Kenya from anywhere in the world. We have offices found in the UK, Switzerland, the United States and Canada. 

Visit Us! There are five exclusive lodges on Lewa. Conservation fees paid per guest are a vital income for the Conservancy. 

Passion for Wildlife – Adopt a rhino and follow the animal’s progress at Lewa.