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How to Support Lewa USA

Established in 1997 as a U.S. 501 (c) (3) public charity, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA exists to provide financial, in-kind and administrative back-up support for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and other wildlife conservation oriented entities in Kenya. Wildlife and environmental diversity are essential if human populations are to thrive, and the dynamic partnership between LWC USA and its conservation partners in Kenya provides the means to address the complex issues of sustainable wildlife conservation, educational programming, and community development.

The Lewa USA staff and dedicated Board of Trustees work throughout the US to raise, administer, and grant funds needed for the critical work being carried out in Kenya. The Lewa USA Board works closely with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and others to identify their institutional needs and funding priorities. Every effort is made to keep administrative costs at a minimum to allow the vast majority of the funds raised in North America to be sent directly to the field.

Board of Trustees as of July, 2017

Chair: Tony Barclay - Potomac, MD
Vice ChairJohn Battel - Ojai, CA
TreasurerGordon B. Pattee - New York, NY
SecretaryLeslie Roach - Gulf Stream, FL

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers - Denver, CO
Dana Beach - Charleston, SC
Alex Beard - New Orleans, LA
Paul Buckley - London, UK and NY
Katherine Chou - Palo Alto, CA
Cina Forgason - San Antonio, TX
Deborah Gage - London, UK
Edith McBean - New York, NY
Linda Millard - Portola Valley, CA
Science Advisor: Steve Monfort - Warrenton, VA
Executive Director: Anne Krumme

Gifts of any amount are critical to Lewa USA and its work in northern Kenya. Contributions may be made directly to Lewa USA by check or by credit card online at Lewa USA also accepts gifts of stock and legacy gifts. All donors receive regular updates from our conservation partners on the important and exciting work that occurs on a daily basis protecting and conserving the remarkable diversity of African wildlife. Send us your email address so we can keep you informed directly from the field.

Please note that, in strict conformance with IRS guidelines, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA does not accept contributions that are earmarked or required to be distributed to any particular charitable organisation. While donors may suggest that their gifts be used for a specific purpose and every effort will be made to see that their request is honored, these requests are ultimately non-binding on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA. The Trustees of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy USA have complete discretion and control over the ultimate disposition of any contributions received by the organization. This ensures that gifts made to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA are tax-deductible to the donor and that Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA fulfils its duties and obligations as a US tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Code. Whenever possible, donors are encouraged to make unrestricted contributions to contact:

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy USA
P.O. Box 4449 
New York, NY 10163 
United States 
Tel: 800-634-0338

Member Aid For Africa

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Lewa Canada

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Canada) -- known as Lewa Canada -- was established as a registered charity in April 2005 (Business Information Number: 86187 6357 RR0001) in support of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 

Since obtaining its charitable status in April 2005, Lewa Canada has raised CDN$3.7 million as of the end of 2014 in support of Lewa.

The all-volunteer efforts of Lewa Canada's Board and Advisory Council and its part-time staff have enabled the transfer of 99% of all funds received since its charitable registration to Lewa in Kenya.

Lewa Canada’s 2013 Annual Report can be viewed here.

Support Lewa

Donations should be sent to:

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Canada), Department of Psychology, York University, 4700 Keele St. Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Direct donations to Lewa Canada can be made by bank draft, cheque, or money order made payable to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Canada). Lewa Canada is pleased to accept charitable contributions in CDN$ or in US$.  Lewa Canada appreciates all donations in support of  Lewa and its work in northern Kenya. 

Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued for all donations of a minimum amount of CDN$10. 

Credit card donations can be made to Lewa Canada through Canada Helps. Go to the “Support Lewa” link on this website and click on “Donate Now” OR Click on "Donate Now" icon below. An e-receipt will be issued immediately for a donation made through Canada Helps. Donations of securities can also be made on-line through Canada Helps.

Donate Now Through!

CanadaHelps is a registered charity that processes secure, online donations on behalf of over 80,000 Canadian registered charitable organizations. Your credit card will show a charge from CanadaHelps and they will also send you an official electronic tax receipt.


As of the end of 2014, Lewa Canada had funded US$ 1.7 million for Lewa's core conservation and wildlife protection initiatives since its first transfer in late 2006. This past year, Lewa Canada’s financing helped sustain Lewa’s endangered animals and critical habitat and to support the Conservation Education Centre. Funding for Lewa's core conservation activities is the largest component of Lewa Canada's transfers.

By then end of 2014, Lewa Canada had transferred US$ 744,604 to the Lewa Education Programme since late 2006. Lewa Canada's financing has funded: numerous classrooms, the completion of a library, an administrative building, boys' latrines, a school's borehole, drip irrigation plots at six schools, many bursaries, salaries and a range of supplies at the LEP-supported schools.

Lewa Canada’s support for Lewa's clinics, water projects and micro-credit programmes brought its total transfers to US$777,230 at the end of 2014 for Lewa’s Community Development Programmes since 2006. Major funding for Lewa's health clinics led the transfers for this category. 

Other important entities supported by Lewa Canada since its transfers began in December 2006 include the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), Ol Pejeta and, beginning in 2013, Save the Elephants. Total cumulative funding for these entities now stands at US$ 186,675, with most of this financing in support of the NRT's activities.

(Lewa Canada does its transfers in US$ to reflect LWC’s accounts being kept in US$ and Kenyan shillings, and achieves the lowest costs by exchanging CDN$ for US$ prior to making these transfers to Lewa.)

Lewa Canada’s Role and Organisational Summary

Lewa Canada's two main roles are to:

  • Increase awareness of and raise funds for Lewa; and
  • Facilitate and increase Canada’s educational, research and other linkages with Lewa.

Lewa Canada’s all-volunteer Board is comprised of five members whose expertise includes education, finance, fundraising, marketing, media and wildlife research. The Board members of Lewa Canada are:

  • Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux, Chair
  • Suzanne MacDonald, Treasurer
  • Ted Harris
  • Timothy Quinn
  • Ryan Adams

Established in 2007, Lewa Canada's Advisory Council has 16 members as of mid 2014 whose role is to help promote and support Lewa Canada's and Lewa's activities. The Advisory Council members of Lewa Canada are:

  • Norman Cook
  • Kirsten Cook-Zaba
  • Graham Crawshaw
  • Kathleen Crook
  • Tove Fynbo
  • Alexander (Sandy) Houston
  • Peter Kenny
  • David Leith
  • Paul Lewis
  • Wendy McLaughlin
  • Alexandra Montgomery
  • Al Pace
  • Craig Parkinson
  • James Pitblado
  • George Youssef
  • Marcus Youssef

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Lewa Canada at

Lewa UK

Incorporated as a registered charity in 1997, The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy U.K. (Lewa UK) acts to support the work of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy through raising funds and awareness across the UK.

Lewa UK is a small charity with a dedicated board that work closely with the Tusk Trust as well as other private and institutional donors.  Primary areas of support have been the Health and Education Programmes as well as the Women’s Micro-Credit Programme but increased attention is being given to raising operational costs in Kenya.

Lewa UK Board

  • Mr Joseph Dryer (Chairman)
  • Mr Kripa Radhakrishnan (Treasurer)
  • Ms Kathleen Crook
  • Mr David Walker
  • Mr Paul Mulholland
  • Mr Marcus Newton
  • Mr Richard Essex
  • Ms Francesca Sanders

How you can get involved

Donate to Lewa UK

You can donate directly in support of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy or one of its programmes.  Lewa will also benefit by receiving the Gift Aid on your donation. 

To donate:

Click here to make an online gift.

Or email for more information on ways to give.

Upcoming Events

Lewa UK organises events throughout the year to raise funds and update its friends and supporters on developments at Lewa and within the surrounding communities.To be placed on the invitation list, please contact

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy UK is a U.K. Registered Charity Nº: 1069800

Lewa Switzerland

(Texte en Francais, voir ci-dessous)

Freunde Lewa's in der Schweiz

Schon bevor das Lewa-Gebiet im Jahre 1993 zur Non-Profit-Organisation umgewandelt wurde, besuchten und unterstützten Schweizer Tierfreunde dieses Natur-Reservat.

Bereits im Jahre 1983 hat sich die Besitzerfamilie Craig und die Schweizerin Anna Merz entschlossen, als erste in Kenya professionellen Nashornschutz auf privater Ebene zu lancieren. Inzwischen wurde das Gebiet vergrössert, und es kamen auch noch andere Tier-Projekte dazu.

Freunde der ersten Stunde kamen dazumal aus den USA, England und auch aus der Schweiz. In der Schweiz sind es seit diesen Jahren speziell:

  • der Zürcher Tierschutz (siehe unter der Rubrik Ausland-Projekte)
  • der Zürcher Zoo (siehe auch unter der Rubrik Wissen und Naturschutz / Lewa Wildlife Conservancy)
  • Private Freunde


Seit dem Jahre 2003 gibt es auch einen Verein Freunde Lewa's in der Schweiz.
Der Verein wurde im Gedenken an die verstorbene Schweizerin Evi Bernhard, welche bis zu ihrem Tode auf Lewa lebte, gegründet. Hier werden gerne Spenden entgegengenommen, sei es für Tierschutz oder auch für "das Hilfswerk im Hilfswerk". Lewa Wildlife Conservancy ist mittlerweile einer der grössten Arbeitgeber im Norden Kenyas. Es ist äusserst wichtig für die lokale Bevölkerung, in den Tierschutz einbezogen zu werden. Das "Hilfswerk im Hilfswerk" unterstützt deshalb Projekte in der Umgebung des Naturschutzgebietes, wie med. Kliniken, Familienplanungs-Projekte, Schulen, Waisen-Kinder sowie ein Frauen-Förder-Programm.

Wichtig ist zu wissen:

  • dass jede Hilfe nach des Spenders Wunsch verwendet wird: Tierhilfe/Tierprojekte oder humanitäre Hilfe
  • dass Ihre Spenden zu 100% ohne jeglichen Abzug direkt nach Lewa in Kenya gehen.


Verein Freunde Lewa's in der Schweiz
c/o Monika Villiger
Nigglistr. 27
5200 BRUGG                                               

PC 40-8888-1
Konto CH71 0844 0872 9130 0002 0

Les Amis de Lewa en Suisse

Des Suisses ont visité et soutenu cette réserve de la nature déjà avant que la région de Lewa ait été transformée en "non profit organisation" en 1993.

Les propriétaires, la famille Craig ainsi que la Suissesse Anna Merz ont décidé en 1983 déjà, d'y créer le premier refuge professionnel de rhinocéros au Kenya sur une base privée. Entre-temps, ce territoire a été agrandi et d'autres projets zoologiques ont été ajoutés.

Au premier stade, les supporters venaient de USA, Grande-Bretagne et également de la Suisse. De la Suisse depuis des années en particulier:

  • la Société Protectrice des Animaux Zurichoise (voir, -> version française -> société, projets -> projets d'actualité -> projets internationaux)
  • le jardin zoologique de Zurich (voir, rubrique "Wissen und Naturschutz / Lewa Wildlife Conservancy")
  • des supporters privés


Depuis l'année 2003, il existe également une association "les amis de Lewa en Suisse". Cette association a été fondée en mémoire à la feue Suissesse Evi Bernhard, qui vivait jusqu'à sa mort à Lewa. C'est là où des dons sont les bienvenus, soit pour la protection des animaux ou l'aide humanitaire. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy est devenu entre-temps un des plus grands employeurs au nord du Kenya. Il est très important pour la population locale d'être intégrée dans la protection des animaux. L'aide humanitaire soutient de ce fait des projets dans les alentours de la région du parc protégé comme des cliniques, projets de planning familial, écoles, enfants orphelins ainsi qu'un programme d'encouragement pour les femmes.

Il est important de savoir que:

  • chaque don sera utilisé selon le désir du donateur: projets de soutien/aide aux animaux ou aide humanitaire
  • vos dos vont à 100%, sans aucune déduction, directement à Lewa Wildlife Conservancy au Kenya.


Adresse de contact:
Les Amis de Lewa en Suisse
c/o Monika Villger
Nigglistr. 27
5200 Brugg

Compte bancaire:
PC 40-8888-1
Konto CH71 0844 0872 9130 0002 0