Wildlife & Security






Logistical Support

Critical for the smooth running of Lewa's overall operations, the logistics department provide essential support not only to all departments within the Conservancy but particularly to the Wildlife and Security Department. A brief overview of the department's achievements are summarized below:

  • Daily the department secures the fence perimeter that surrounds Lewa to protect the wildlife within and also the communities that fall on the conservancy borders
  • Servicing and maintenance of Conservation and Security vehicles
  • Maintenance of water troughs and dams
  • Maintenance of staff houses and ensuring adequate supply of water and electricity
  • Maintenance of roads and airfields
  • Assisting with vehicles and machinery for capture

Project example - Elephant Corridors & Fencing

A project to re-open the elephant access route between the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve and the Mt. Kenya National Reserve began in 2008. This project involves the construction of an electrified game-proof fence either side of a corridor through which wildlife can safely migrate between the two. In 2008, tremendous progress was made on the fencing for the corridor. The corridor will provide protection for a significant population of elephant, ensuring genetic diversity and freedom of movement within natural migration zones. The fence will also play a very significant role in preventing human-wildlife conflict as small holder farmers in the area have had to deal with their crops being damaged by elephants whilst they are on the move.