The Lewa digital literacy programme is specifically designed and geared towards building the technological and digital capacity of students and teachers within Lewa supported schools. Its main mandate focuses on improved learning outcomes whilst enhancing the understanding and importance of conservation, in Northern Kenya.

The programme provides an integral platform in increasing the viability, employability and knowledge access for the marginalized communities in and around Lewa’s area of operations.

Lewa Digital Literacy is a technology capacity building program whose mandate is to improve Learning Outcomes while promoting Conservation in Northern Kenya. The programme design centers around a holistic approach with a concentration on the integration of technology into the standard Kenyan curriculum; the augmentation of instructor knowledge and skill and the provision of a solid foundation for enhanced classroom learning.

The Impact

The programme has continued reaching out to 2,500 learners and 200 teachers weekly to support them on the use of Digital Literacy technology. It has a number of 590 Tablets, 36 Laptops, 18 Projectors and 18 Content Access Points (Internet Access).

Through ICT integration, the Mobile Library, the project has helped students improve their learning outcomes and school performance. Over 300 learners from Lewa-supported schools have improved their literacy from a mean score of 40.2 to 46.7 in the year 2017. Digitized evaluations show that in comprehending and retaining lessons, there is an improved mean score index of 40.2 to 50.1 in 2017 for learners. This mode of evaluation enhances the teachers’ efficiency in completing the grading process. Additionally, it is reported that learners have developed more positive attitudes towards learning as retention in digital and reading classes is higher than in classes without the adoption of technology in classroom learning.

The program’s operations and continued growth is a clear indication of the capacity and commitment to train relevant stakeholders on the available Education Technology. With an aim of increasing learning outcomes of 8,000 learners in 23 Lewa-supported schools.

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