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The Lewa Healthcare Programme runs three clinics in the neighbouring areas and also offers support to the newly-opened Ntirimiti clinic. Lewa's three clinics are the nearest health centres to thousands of people who otherwise would have no access to healthcare. 

General Healthcare

The Lewa nurses carry out the diagnosis and treatment of commonly occurring diseases and health conditions in the area. On average, about 20,000 people visit the Lewa clinics each year.   

In September 2013, the Lewa clinic introduced the Comprehensive Care Centre for people living with HIV/AIDS. It has already enlisted 27 patients who are on antiretroviral therapy. Some of the nurses received training on both adult and paediatric Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). Before introduction of the care centre, majority of the beneficiaries had to seek these services in the further placed towns of Meru, Isiolo, Timau or Kiirua. 

Reproductive Health

Lewa has continued to sensitise its neighbouring communities on the merits of modern methods of family planning. Although held back by many myths, family planning is slowly being embraced. In 2013, Jaddle implant was a favourite of a significant number of women from the adjoining areas.

The women also receive health education alongside screening for cervical and breast cancer.

School Visits

All of Lewa's 19 sponsored schools benefit from the health outreaches carried out by the Healthcare Programme. Routine visits are made to each school every term and children who are sick are treated. In 2013, treatment was also offered to parents and siblings of the students who have traditionally been left out.