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The Lewa Health Care Programme is a vital part of our Community Development outreach. Lewa manages three clinics in the region, serving thousands of individual who would otherwise have no access to health care.

The year 2009 witnessed a growth of the Lewa Health Care Programme. The number of clinics under Lewa’s operation increased from two to three with the re-opening of the Ngare Ndare clinic on the western side of the Conservancy. The Lewa, Leparua and Ngare Ndare clinics served the staff and communities in a professional manner under the guidance of Dr. Abid Butt, the Lewa consulting docto

Lewa Medical Clinic

The Lewa Medical Clinic was established in 1997 to provide basic medical services primarily to Lewa’s employees. However, neighbouring community members as well as Lewa staff now frequently use the Clinic. Medical services and medication are provided at subsidised rate to all patients. The Nurse provides not only clinical diagnostics and treatment, but also very importantly offers health education including AIDS awareness, awareness of malaria in pregnancy and counseling.

In 2004, a laboratory was built at the clinic to provide essential diagnostic tests for the most common illnesses such as Malaria, Typhoid and Brucellosis as well as other basic haematology, stool and urinary tests. This facility has improved the ability of the clinic to provide immediate treatment based on clinical diagnostics. The clinic also has a dedicated land cruiser vehicle that has been fully converted to serve as an ambulance. The vehicle has been instrumental in ensuring that emergency case patients are dashed to Nanyuki Cottage Hospital (the nearest private hospital to Lewa, with excellent medical and emergency facilities) in a timely manner.

Future Plans

The Resident Medical Officer of the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital- Dr. Abid Butt- has recently come on board to provide technical support and advice to the Lewa healthcare programme and Leparua clinic. Dr. Butt makes monthly visits to both these clinics ensuring that the clinic nurses continue to provide a high standard of healthcare to patients. Under his direction, this developing health care programme will create a network of clinics, appropriately staffed and managed, that will offer on-site and outreach programs for thousands of needy residents in the Laikipia region.

Ngare Ndare Clinic

Curriculum: We supply donations of books, charts, posters, pencils, chalk, art materials and more.

The Ngare Ndare clinic was started in 2002 when Peace Corps assisted the community to construct the dispensary and two staff houses. The clinic was initially run by the Catholic Diocese who pulled out in April 2005. The expectation was that the community would organize itself and run the clinic but unfortunately this never happened. Nanyuki Cottage hospital took over the running of the clinic in January 2006 and closed in February 2008 when they could not longer afford to sponsor the activity. This facility remained closed until March 2009 when the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (LWC), through the kind donation of Lewa UK re-opened the facility. The clinic was re-opened officially by the area Member of Parliament in March 2009 and is now serving the Ngare Ndare community which comprises of approximately 3,500 people.

Leparua Clinic

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy started offering medical services to the Leparua community in July 2003. The services were started off as a mobile clinic with the Lewa clinic nurse visiting that community once a week to offer medical services. Mobile clinic services were continued until 2006 when full time medical services started being offered. The Leparua clinic opened its doors to the community on 22nd November 2006.

The Leparua clinic is managed by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on behalf of the community. The facility is approved and registered by the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health. Reports on all services offered at that clinic are submitted to the Ministry of Health monthly.

The clinic is managed by a nurse who holds a Kenya registered community nursing diploma certificate. The nurse is assisted by a clinic attendant who does the clerical work, keeps the clinic and its environs clean. The Leparua Clinic nurse reports to and is supervised by the Lewa head nurse. The head nurse visits Leparua Clinic twice a month to ensure that the services rendered are of high standard and comply with those set by the Ministry of Health. Services offered at the Leparua clinic are overseen by Dr Abid Butt, the resident doctor at Nanyuki Cottage Hospital.

Pack for a Purpose

You If you are traveling to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and want to help our Education Programme, please visit Pack for a Purpose ®. Pack for a Purpose ® is a nonprofit web site which provides information to enable travelers to bring requested supplies to lodgings which are sponsoring community projects. In five minutes, a traveler can go to the site, find the lodging and the requested supplies and see how to pack them. The underlying idea behind Pack for a Purpose ® is that giving back to the communities a traveler visits is a great way to enhance a trip. Lewa is part of this programme and we have a detailed list of the needs of our schools and children are in and around Lewa.

To learn more about Pack for a Purpose®, watch this video on their website.