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The Challenge

Northern Kenya is a dry landscape, with both people and wildlife depending on limited water resources.

In communities around Lewa, access to clean and safe water remains a challenge. Consequently, most residents in these communities have to depend on water supply from rivers and streams, which has a direct negative impact on the fragile ecosystem.



Our Response

Our work is improving access to clean and safe water.

In implementing water projects, we work with our partners, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and local (WUS) water-user associations, alongside the communities themselves, to identify solutions to water shortages. To date, we have built dams and water storage tanks across the majority of our neighbouring areas. We have also assisted farmers in setting up irrigation schemes. We also carry out education on water harvesting, sustainable water usage and the importance of protecting water catchment areas.

Current water projects include.

Construction of the Subuiga Dam. This will make water accessible to 60,000 households around the environs of Lewa. We will share more information on this when the construction begins.

Water Hydrological Survey. The purpose of this is to understand how much water is available in the region. This information will help the WUAs foster better use of water amidst inconsistent rainfall patterns. Its outcome will ensure sustainable utilisation of water resources.

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