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Take a deep dive into the heart of Lewa with our latest annual report, where we unveil our wins thanks to your support.

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Despite the global condemnation of poaching and the resources that have been mobilised to safeguard endangered wildlife, well-funded and well-equipped poaching groups continue to pose a real threat to Africa’s wildlife. As long as the illegal demand for wildlife-related products exists, endangered species worldwide, even those under Lewa’s protection, will be under constant threat.

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Lewa’s conservation education programme provides Kenya’s young generation with knowledge and skills to conserve wildlife and the environment. Our goal is to influence attitudes, behaviours and actions to achieve positive conservation outcomes.

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Lewa is committed to empower enterprising women through economic development opportunities. To this end, we launched the Women’s Micro-Enterprise (WME) programme in 2001, with the first credit rolled out in 2003. Aside from receiving capital and training, women also learn the importance of environmental preservation and wildlife protection.

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