The Challenge

The Lewa-Borana landscape has a high wildlife density and is home to diverse species. By providing a suitable and safe habitat for threatened wildlife, we have also enabled other key African species thrive.

Our goal is to maintain greater diversity to preserve the environment and increase the chances of survival of all species. Each animal plays an important role in the ecosystem and its continued existence allows others species to exist.

Our Wildlife

Lions The “King of the Jungle” is one of our resident predators. There are currently 44 lions acros the Lewa-Borana Landscape.

Wild dogs Lewa occasionally hosts a pack of the critically endangered wild dog (also known as the African painted dog). The global wild dog population has greatly declined over the years, and is presently distributed in small pockets across the African continent.

Cheetahs Lewa is also home to the cheetah, the fastest land animal in the world. Lewa’s open plains and extensive savannah serve as an ideal habitat for cheetahs, and there are currently over a dozen of them within Lewa premises.

Hyenas Hyenas, just like lions, are dominant predators in Lewa’s landscape. There are about a hundred hyenas within the conservancy, making them the most abundant predator in Lewa’s ecosystem.

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