The Challenge

Equitable access to healthcare remains a challenge for individuals, healthcare providers, and governments across the globe. In Kenya, HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, and gastrointestinal diseases affect a large number of the population. Treatment for these diseases is generally available, but difficult to come by especially in low-income communities. Rural villagers have to travel significant distances to seek treatment, even for common ailments. Many stakeholders are working to address these needs, including the Government of Kenya and non-government and community-based organizations.

Our Response

We believe that supporting good healthcare is part of the solution to our conservation challenge. By addressing the healthcare needs of local communities, Lewa gains the communities’ respect and support for its conservation work.

Working closely with the local government, Lewa supports four clinics and runs one of its own. These clinics are then closest medical centres within 25 kilometers of all the remote communities in Lewa. For tens of thousands of Kenyans, these clinics are their only source of healthcare.

The clinics we work with offer diagnosis and treatment of reproductive and mental health issues. They also provide preventative healthcare and education for HIV/AIDS, family planning, and hygiene. To ensure access, the clinics subsidize a large percentage of the costs required to service the healthcare needs of local communities.

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