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The Challenge

Thousands of learners in Kenya rarely have access to education that empowers them to be stewards of their environment. Yet close to 80% of Kenya’s population is below 35 years, with the median age being 19.

Beyond Lewa’s boundaries, northern Kenya is facing a horde of ecological problems. From degraded landscapes to rapidly diminishing natural resources, widespread conservation awareness is required to reverse these negative trends.

The Opportunity

The Lewa Conservation Education Programme works to help Kenya’s learners understand the complexities of these ecological problems, and how they can be a part of the solution. We provide young, inquisitive minds with the tools and information needed to do better for the environment and wildlife, both in school and at home.

The Activities

  • Game Drives  – Game drives offer participants an experiential learning in the field. By being exposed to plants and animals in their natural habitats, the students develop an appreciation for biodiversity and environmental protection. For many, it is often their first time to see wildlife in a natural habitat!
  • Visits to the Conservation Education Centre – The Conservation Education Centre, located in the conservancy, aims to give students hands-on experience in helping solve environmental challenges through projects, interactive exhibits and practical actions.
  • Outreach Programme to Schools – Lewa’s conservation educators periodically visit the Lewa-supported schools to assist teachers in initiating environmental activities and implementing an environmental curriculum.
  • Wildlife and Environmental clubs in schools –  The educators engage teachers and students in establishment of wildlife and environmental clubs in schools to help nurture interest in nature and inculcate a culture of conservation.
  • Teachers Training Workshops – The team spearheads training of teachers on how to integrate conservation issues in the school curriculum and activities.

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