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The United Nations ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ recognises education as a fundamental legal right for every child, a principle also echoed in the constitution of Kenya. However, despite these provisions, education continues to be a privilege accessible to only a fortunate few, more so in rural Kenya.

Limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and a shortage of educators fuel the scarcity of quality education, which casts a dark shadow over these beautiful landscapes.

Thousands of young talents brimming with potential are denied the chance to flourish, broaden their perspectives, and fulfil their aspirations. The absence of avenues that could unleash their potential forces them to depend on livelihoods tied to limited natural resources.

To address these issues and support the development goals of national and county governments, Lewa has implemented various initiatives to bridge educational gaps in the region, continuing its commitment to the following programmes:


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Why Investing in Education Matters

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