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Transforming Lives through Education

The United Nations ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ recognises education as a fundamental legal right for every child, a principle also echoed in the constitution of Kenya. However, despite these provisions, education continues to be a privilege accessible to only a fortunate few, more so in rural Kenya.

Limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and a shortage of educators fuel the scarcity of quality education, which casts a dark shadow over these beautiful landscapes.

Thousands of young talents brimming with potential are denied the chance to flourish, broaden their perspectives, and fulfil their aspirations. The absence of avenues that could unleash their potential forces them to depend on livelihoods tied to limited natural resources.

Our Response

With our Angaza Programme, which means ‘illuminate’ in Kiswahili, we hope to turn the tide. Angaza aims to empower gifted yet underprivileged children, igniting the spark that will light up their paths and transform their lives and those of their community.

As a trusted local resource for the communities of northern Kenya, Lewa admits 50 new high school students into the bursary programme each year. Without scholarships, many of these children are unable to attend high school or tertiary institutions. This is because a significant number of students come from farming and pastoralist communities that have been severely impacted by prolonged and severe droughts over the last few years.

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NOTE: The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of all children supported through our bursary programme. We are committed to ensuring their safety and wellbeing and work in partnership with parents/guardians and sponsors to do this. To read our Child Protection Policy, click here.


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