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Women's Micro-Credit

The Lewa Women’s Micro-Credit Programme supports rural women living in the communities surrounding the Conservancy. We provide them with small loans so that they can initiate micro-enterprises such as tailoring, homestead retail shops, poultry-keeeping and agricultural-based activities to enhance their livelihoods and improve their socio-economic activities. 

The programme seeks to fulfil the following objectives:

  1. Promoting the development of women’s micro enterprises
  2. Training women on entrepreneurship
  3. Fundraising in support of women enterprises
  4. Marketing women’s businesses and products
  5. Facilitating gender equity and access to resources by women
  6. Supporting development efforts of women living around wildlife conservation areas
  7. Fostering linkages and liaison with other women development groups.


More than a decade of empowering women

It has been more than ten years since the inception of the Women’s Micro-Credit Programme and already it has had a huge impact, transforming the lives of over 1,800 women. 

Encouragingly, there have been few cases of candidates defaulting payment, and the future of the programme now lies in increasing the number of women and the amount of money available to lend them. 

For more information on Lewa Women's Micro-Credit Programme and to find out how you can get involved, please contact our Community Development Manager, John Kinoti at john.kinoti@lewa.org