Lewa strives to enhance community development and poverty alleviation within adjacent communities through the sustainable use of the available resources and the disbursement of conservation benefits.

Every year, we engage in Community water development project/schemes which are extensive and make a considerable difference to the communities.

In 2007, the Lewa Community Water Development project completed two major water projects which led to the provision of clean water to over 6000 people who have been experiencing perennial water shortages. These were the Mkuu Springs Water Project and the TM Borehole Domestic Water Project. Water has remained a scarce resource in all our communities yet vital for survival, and we still need more efforts to alleviate the same problem elsewhere.

The TM Borehole Domestic Water Project was implemented due to the scarcity of water in this region. The situation led us to start tapping ground water and hence we were able to invest in a borehole project that went as deep as 183 metres to strike the water table! Parts of the communities are now accessing clean water for domestic use.

Mkuu Springs Water Project is located in a community-led group which is in Kiruua Location, Buuri Division in the Imenti Central District, just on Lewa's eastern boundary. The project was strategic, serving a high demand for domestic water for about 800 families or 2400 people. The number of animals getting water from the Springs Project is approximately 3000 per week.

To ensure that the project was meeting the needs of the community, Lewa sought funding and constructed the following facilities for the conservation of the springs:

  • A reservoir tank of 150 cubic metres
  • A water wheel to pump the water
  • A very strong pipeline from the pump to the facilities
  • Ablution block of pit latrines and shower rooms
  • Washing sinks for women to wash clothes
  • Clothes lines
  • Livestock water troughs

The facilities are now working well and are in full use. To ensure high standards of cleanliness, the project funded the employment of an attendant, whose main role is to ensure that the day-to-day running of the project is in place and the community is instructed on the best ways of using the facilities.

Water Management

In 2008, water development took centre stage again. Due to the scarcity of water in this region, and failure of the seasonal rains, we managed to mobilize the communities in water management and conservation.

The various water projects existing within the communities have continued to run well. There have been challenges especially in the adoption of the rules and regulations of the Water Act. Many of the communities were able meet these demands especially when the water user charges were being followed up by the water resources management authorities.

With the support of the local water user association, there was equitable water distribution despite the lack of rains experienced in the area.

Lewa continues to provide a positive impact for the surrounding communiites with the improvement and maintaining of the water development schemes.