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The Lewa Experience

It takes only a few moments after arriving on Lewa, the heart of northern Kenya, to appreciate the extraordinary beauty and staggering biodiversity that has thrived in this area for centuries. However, beneath the pristine landscape and flourishing animal populations, this place exists as the result of the commitment, generosity, vision and compassion of human beings that have seen the potential for the shared sustainable existence of people and wildlife.  

Lewa offers diversity, in many forms: diverse wildlife, experiences, and impacts. A trip to Lewa can mean traditional Safari luxury and grandeur, or it can me quiet nights by a fire place telling stories, followed by days next to a swimming pool gazing out at the gorgeous landscape.

A visit can mean adventure and up-close animal encounters on horseback, or observations as some of the world’s most widely respected conservationists carry out their work. It can involve singing and dancing with enthusiastic and boisterous Kenya school children and visits to organic farming operations that have been tended for generations.

Each person linked with Lewa has a different connection to the place. We invite you to send a description of your “Lewa Experience” to for inclusion on the website.