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Five Inspired Lodges, One Inspiring Destination

Visiting the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and staying at one of our five lodges is the best way to support us. With spectacular scenery, superb game viewing and exciting activities for the discerning traveler, Lewa provides the ultimate Safari experience!

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Green is the New Black

If ethical tourism is the hottest new trend, then consider Lewa a catalyst for fashion: The Conservancy re-invests 100% of its tourism profits back into our core programmes.

Lewa is not only home to some of the world’s most critically endangered species and the Big Five, but our community programmes also promote development. We ensure security and infrastructural development in the region, enabling local people to access clean water, healthcare, and education. In this way a visit to Lewa is much more than a memorable holiday: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference.

Pack for a Purpose

You If you are travelling to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and want to help our Education and Healthcare Programmes, please visit Pack for a Purpose®. Pack for a Purpose® is a nonprofit web site which provides information to enable travellers to bring requested supplies to lodgings which are sponsoring community projects. In five minutes, a traveler can go to the site, find the lodging and the requested supplies and see how to pack them. The underlying idea behind Pack for a Purpose ® is that giving back to the communities a traveller visits is a great way to enhance a trip. Lewa is part of this programme and we have a detailed list of the needs of our schools and children are in and around Lewa.

To learn more about Pack for a Purpose®, watch this video