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Other Wildlife

Lewa boasts high wildlife densities and is home to the Big Five as well as other commonly occurring species such as the giraffe, ostrich, impala and over 400 bird species.  

The Elephant

Lewa has a fluctuating population of 100 to 400 elephants which have traditionally used the Conservancy as a dry season feeding ground. But with the rains and weather patterns becoming erratic, most of these elephants have become residents putting pressure on Lewa's ecosystem. To ameliorate this, together with other partners and stakeholders, Lewa helped facilitate the opening of the Mount Kenya elephant corridor to allow free movement of elephant populations between the Conservancy, Ngare Ndare and Mount Kenya ecosystems. The corridor has also allowed for genetic mixing of the two populations of elephants and significantly reduced human-elephant conflict in the region. 

Predators on Lewa

Lions: Lewa is home to 22 lions including the dominant male Mufasa who wears a GPS collar and is tracked on a Google Earth Interface. Download the MiSavannah animal tracking App on Google's PlayStore or Apple Store to learn more on Mufasa and general lion behaviour. 

Wild dogs: Often, Lewa plays hosts to a pack of the critically endangered wild dog, also known as the African painted dog. The wild dogs have suffered severe decline in range and are now found in small pockets throughout the continent. 

Cheetahs: Lewa provides ideal cheetah habitat with its open plains and extensive savannah. The current population of 10 includes a female recently spotted with newborn cubs!   

Leopards: Occasionally, one might get lucky and spot the ever elusive leopard! The current population of  the stealth cat is estimated at slightly more than 10.  

Northern Specialty Species

Northern specialty species are only found North of the Equator and have an ability to thrive in hot, dry, arid country . There are five of them: the reticulated giraffe, the Somali ostrich, the Beisa oryx, the gerenuk and the Grevy's zebra. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy happens to be one of the places in Kenya were can see all of those five species. 

Lewa Birds

Bird life on the Lewa  Wildlife Conservancy is prolific, from the impressive Ostrich to the soaring Falcons to the humble sunbirds you will see some of the most hidden gems on you safari at the top of the trees. For a full list of birds found on Lewa, click here.