Lewa’s Rhino Conservation Programme has been extremely successful and the Conservancy is now home to flourishing populations of both white and black rhinos. However, protecting and nurturing our wildlife all costs money. We currently have a population of 249 rhinos (132 black & 117 white). The cost of protecting and nurturing these rhino are extremely high and constitute over 50% of our annual budget. You can support the important research, conservation and protection of Lewa’s flagship species by “naming” or “adopting” a rhino and receiving regular updates on the animal’s progress.


Our rhino naming and adoption programme enables supporters such as yourself to participate in rhino conservation, and directly contribute to the survival of this incredible species. The cost of adopting a rhino on Lewa is an annual fee of $2,500, funds which are invested directly in the protection and care of the rhinos, and operations of the Conservancy.
How our adoption programme works:
  • We will share with you a few rhino candidates for you to select your preferred rhino to adopt.
  • Once you select the rhino, we will prepare and send you an adoption certificate.
  • Our team here on Lewa will share with you the status and well being of your adoption rhino twice a year.
  • We will also add you to Lewa’s database so that you can receive updates and news from the Conservancy.
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