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    Anthony Bourdain’s Kenya Episode Featuring Lewa to Air
    September 23rd, 9pm Eastern.

    In the first week of March 2018, Lewa welcomed a special visitor. Anthony Bourdain, the charismatic American celebrity chef, author and television show host was visiting Kenya, and Lewa was on his itinerary. He was accompanied by comedian and presenter Kamau Bell, host of CNN’s United Shades of America, and their crew. They stayed at Lewa Wilderness and spent days on the Conservancy, with a final visit to Il Ngwesi community. The team was filming for an upcoming series of the hit programme, CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

    It saddened us all to learn of Anthony’s death two months ago, but the enigmatic chef’s influence on travel and adventure has not waned. While we were not sure what would happen to the Kenya episode, CNN has now announced that it will honour Bourdain’s legacy by airing a final season of Parts Unknown, which premiere’s on 23rd September. The premiere will feature the Kenya episode, which was the only one completed before his death.

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    The trip was organized by Next Adventure.  Click here to find out how they made it possible.

    Behind the Scenes

    A note from Next Adventures…

    When the producers of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown were considering a safari in Kenya, Kili McGowan, a second-generation safari travel specialist and Managing Director of Next Adventure, knew they were looking for something special. The producers wanted to explore the complex relationship between conservation and communities, and Kili immediately thought of the extraordinary work being done on and around Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

    Lewa is home to one of the most successful rhino conservation projects on the planet, but it also provides medical services to nearly 50,000 people in the surrounding communities. Lewa is an epicenter of conversations about land and wildlife management, anti-poaching strategies, and secure, sustainable development, and the lesson from Lewa is simple: if you want to protect wildlife, you have to build clinics, support schools and empower local communities.

    Of course, a safari is about wildlife, spending time amongst dazzling concentrations of big charismatic animals, but it is also about land, people, and cultures coexisting, now and for future generations. Lewa is known as “a catalyst and model for conservation,” and there is no better place that ties together all the themes one encounters on a safari.

    What we were able to do for this production is what Next Adventure strives to do with every safari: get to know the traveler, understand what’s important, and plan a trip that tells a story with experiences that are relevant, rewarding and memorable.

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