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Save a Mind Scholarships

Save a Mind – Give a Choice

This initiative was started by Dr. Peter and Kathy Linneman in 2003. A passionate engagement with Lewa Wilderness senior guide Karmushu, who is deeply concerned about the plight of the pastoral child in northern Kenya, led to the two philanthropists sponsoring two girls and two boys.

Today, the programme has expanded tremendously. Peter and Kathy, along with support from their friends and business partners, have sponsored 170 students through different levels of education.

“We support both male and female children of extreme poverty, including orphans, that display academic promise. The support is made to educate the child at the private or national magnet school (including boarding schools) as long as the child makes appropriate academic progress, including university and graduate school.

We are immensely proud of these children and are humbled to have the opportunity to change their lives.” Peter Linneman.

Peter visits Lewa every year to meet his sponsored students, catch up on their performance as well as offer invaluable advice on careers and future. If you would like to get involved, please donate to Save a Mind (SAM) by CLICKING HERE. You can also directly contact Peter at