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Predators on Lewa

Our goal is to maintain greater diversity to preserve the environment and increase the chances of survival for all species. Each animal plays an important role in the ecosystem, and its continued existence allows other species to exist.

Our Wildlife

Leopards: The mysterious and reclusive leopard is a rare sighting in the conservancy. The current population of the stealthy and solitary leopard is 18.

Northern specialty species: Found exclusively north of the equator, these animals have the ability to thrive in hot, arid areas. Lewa is one of the few places in Kenya where one can see all five of the following Northern specialty species: the reticulated giraffe, the Somali ostrich, the Beisa oryx, the gerenuk, and the Grevy’s zebra.

Bird life: With 493 species, bird life across the Lewa-Borana landscape is prolific! Some of the most memorable experiences for visitors involve spotting the reticent ostrich or the soaring falcon during their safari.

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