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The Lewa/Borana landscape (a combination of two neighbouring conservancies covering 93,000 square kilometers) offers guests the trip of a lifetime with its unforgettable combination of scenery, superb game viewing, excellent hospitality and conservation education.

Lewa has one of the highest wildlife densities in Kenya including 12% of the country’s black and white rhinos, and the world’s single largest population of Grevy’s zebra. The Conservancy is also home to herds of elephants and buffalo, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, more than 400 species of birds and if lucky, a pack of wild dogs!

By visiting the Lewa/Borana landscape, you will not only be signing up for a great African adventure, you will also directly contribute towards wildlife conservation and community development. Funds from tourism raise a third of our annual revenue, read more about the impact of our work here.

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    |   Borana

    Borana Lodge

    Located at the heart of Borana Conservancy, Borana Lodge is set against a beautiful hillside with an organic design and panoramic views. All retained earnings from Borana Lodge are invested into the various conservation efforts across Borana Conservancy.

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    |   Lewa

    Elewana Kifaru House

    With just 5 charming thatched cottages, this exquisitely created home-hidden away within Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservancy offers true luxury in the bush with unrivalled wildlife viewing.

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    |   Borana

    Laragai House

    Laragai House is an exclusive home on the Borana Conservancy. With eight stunning bedrooms that overlook Kenya’s Northern Frontier, it provides the perfect escape for those looking to spend time with friends and family in total privacy.

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    |    Lewa

    Lewa Wilderness

    Discover one of Kenya’s original safari ventures. Lewa Wilderness is the Craig’s family home and offers an array of safari adventures in true style and comfort.

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