Community Programmes

  1. Community Healthcare: Lewa’s four clinics are the closest medical centres within 25 kilometres, shouldering up to 90% of the needs of staff and communities.
    The clinics offer diagnosis and treatment in reproductive, preventative, and mental health; including education for HIV/AIDS, family planning, and hygiene
  2. Community Water Management: Projects include springs conservation and water distribution for agriculture, domestic use, and livestock. Lewa has implemented 11 of these programmes across the neighbouring areas, improving the living standards of over 15,000 people
  3. The Women’s Micro Credit Programme: The programme currently supports over 1,800 rural women by providing them with access to low-interest loans that otherwise would be out of reach. These women in return use the loans to start enterprises that ultimately improve their families' livelihoods
  4. Community Forestry: Loss of forest cover continues to pose a great threat to the survival of ecosystems around the world. By working with Community Forest Associations and the Kenya Forest Service, Lewa is helping promote the protection of woodlands and forests across its neighbouring areas for the benefit of both people and wildlife
  5. Agricultural Development: Through hands-on training, Lewa is working with local farmers to share techniques that preserve soil quality to prevent land degradation. Additionally, the Community Development Team is promoting the diversification of farming opportunities, encouraging the cultivation of alternative crops (besides wheat, maize and beans) to enhance the competitiveness of the farmers' produce
  6. The Lewa Youth Programme: "By engaging the youth, we are shaping the future." John Kinoti, Lewa's Community Development Manager.
    One of Lewa's key development objectives is to engage young people from the neighbouring communities, recognising that their understanding of conservation imperatives is key in securing a future for endangered species. Additionally, Lewa is placed in a unique position to extend skills that promote unity, peace and enterprise amongst these young people whilst providing a platform for them to develop their skills and improve their livelihoods.

    Youth engagement is done through sports and forums, with plans to explore more opportunities for young people to participate and learn about conservation. In 2016, our annual Youth Football Tournament had 12 teams participate to a cheering crowd of over 300 spectators. The event brought youth from different neighbouring communities together, and created a competitive but friendly environment to foster positive relations. Find out more HERE.