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Hot on the heels of relocating a dozen Eastern black rhinos from Lewa to Loisaba Conservancy, we have achieved another milestone by introducing four white rhinos to Sera Conservancy. This community-led conservancy is located along the Isiolo-Marsabit road in Samburu County, 94 km north of Isiolo town, which is itself north of Lewa. This momentous occasion arrives nearly a decade after the transfer of 11 black rhinos to the same conservancy, whose population now stands at 21.

4 white rhinos have been translocated to Sera Conservancy From Lewa (Photo: Jeff DeKock/Lewa)

The thriving presence of black rhinos in Sera serves as a testament to the area’s suitability as a rhinoceros habitat. Now, the focus shifts towards seamlessly integrating white rhinos into this ecosystem in accordance with the national strategy for rhino conservation and expansion. Introduction of the white rhino in Sera also aims to bolster tourism in the northern Kenya region as well as support community conservation efforts.

A white rhino is loaded on to a crate for translocation (Photo: Jeff DeKock/Lewa)
A white rhino is loaded on to a crate for translocation (Photo: Jeff DeKock/Lewa)

Close and vigilant monitoring of the introduced white rhinos is currently underway to assess their adaptation to the environment and ensure their thriving presence in their new surroundings. This is crucial in understanding how well the white rhinos are acclimating to the habitat, identifying any challenges they may face, and implementing necessary interventions to support their successful establishment within the ecosystem.

By closely monitoring their behaviour, feeding patterns, interactions with other species, and overall health, conservationists can make informed decisions to optimise conditions for the white rhinos’ flourishing and long-term survival.

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