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In 2021-2022, 87,261 community members received essential healthcare services through Lewa’s Healthcare Programme.

We hope to reach even more people in 2023 with our a new state-of-the-art ambulance. This state-of-the-art vehicle, generously donated by dedicated supporters, will enable us to serve even more people in need at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Equipped with the latest medical technologies and equipment, the ambulance is designed to provide the highest level of emergency care and support to patients during transport. It is also designed to navigate rough terrain and difficult conditions, making it an essential tool for reaching remote communities where access to healthcare services is limited.

The new ambulance at Lewa Clinic

Speaking when receiving the ambulance, Lewa’s Head of Community Development Programme, Lawrence Riungu, said, “This state-of-the-art ambulance will boost our mission of making healthcare services more accessible and available to those who need it most. It will ensure that patients receive timely and effective care, regardless of their location. To our donors, thank you for providing such an essential service to our community.”

Lewa’s Head of Community Development Programme, Lawrence Riungu

About the Lewa Healthcare Programme

The Lewa Healthcare Programme works closely with the local government and other partners to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for community members.

To achieve this, we subsidise the cost of healthcare services and have clinics within 25 kilometres of all remote communities in Lewa – a significant step towards improving access to healthcare for those who face significant barriers when it comes to accessing these services. This approach not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs of the communities but also helps create sustainable solutions to social issues.

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