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Access to adequate health care and education continues to be a concern for many people in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in low-income communities. That is why healthcare is at the heart of the Lewa Conservancy’s ideals; here, we ensure that members of the community have access to affordable health care.

One way we achieve this is by subsidising a major portion of the costs associated with meeting the healthcare needs of local communities. Another method is through hosting medical camps at the Conservancy or mobile outreaches in the community.

ENT specialist preparing to examine the mouth and throat of a patient.

We recently returned to Rehema Children’s Home in Isiolo County to offer them our healthcare services. The home strives to enhance lives of orphaned children and kids whose primary caregivers are not in a position to take care of them. This is accomplished through the provision of housing, educational opportunities, health and wellness.

Lewa’s medical staff, along with a team of specialists comprising an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat), dentist, eye specialist, and a clinician,  recently offered critical care to these precious children.

Lewa medical team dispensing dewormers at Rehema Children’s Home.

The children were evaluated and treated for conditions ranging from fungal infections to urinary tract infections and eye issues. Their ears and teeth were also examined, and were given talks on oral dental hygiene, body care, and reproductive health.

Eye specialist checking for any anomalies

In the coming years, Lewa hopes to continue ensuring that  these vulnerable and marginalised children have access to affordable and equitable healthcare. We plan to achieve this by building and operating a robust emergency response and ambulance evacuation service, as well as performing frequent community mobile outreach campaigns centred on health education, disease screening, on-the-spot treatment, referral to specialised care, and follow-up. Lewa will also continue working with local governments and other partners to strengthen health systems in terms of healthcare delivery, human resource capacity, and health facility capacity.

Read more about our health programme here.








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