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Since 2012, Lewa has trained over 6,000 local farmers in sustainable agricultural practices which are incredibly important for building resilient and thriving communities. By providing education and resources to farmers, Lewa is not only helping them increase productivity and adapt to changing climatic conditions, but also promoting sustainable land use and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Recently, Lewa hosted approximately 120 Munanda borehole water project participants at the Munanda primary school demonstration field for a farmer training session. By providing access to training and resources, Lewa is helping to build the capacity of local communities to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Farmer training session

The farmers were educated on a variety of important topics related to sustainable agriculture, including drip irrigation, fodder establishment and preservation, crop protection, and marketing methods. These are all critical topics for fostering environmentally friendly and efficient farming techniques that benefit both farmers and the environment.

Drip irrigation, for example, can help farmers conserve water and reduce the negative impacts of irrigation on soil and water resources. Fodder establishment and preservation can help farmers improve the quality and quantity of their livestock feed, leading to healthier and more productive animals. Crop protection is essential for reducing the use of harmful pesticides and promoting integrated pest management strategies that are more environmentally sustainable. And marketing methods such as contract farming and dairy farming through cooperative societies can help farmers access new markets and increase their profits.

Farmers taken on a tour of Munanda farm

Overall, by providing education and resources on these important topics, Lewa is helping to build the capacity of local farmers to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. This type of community-led conservation is essential for creating lasting positive change for both people and wildlife.






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