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The need to invest in biodiversity, human-wildlife coexistence and health has never been more important.

In honour of Earth Day on April 22nd—with the theme “Invest in Our Planet” we are embarking on a 22 day #EarthDay challenge to invest in Lewa and northern Kenya, one of our planet’s most treasured landscapes.

Your gifts between now and Earth Day (April 22nd) will be doubled.

Double your impact for conservation and improving livelihoods.

We aim to raise $50,000 which will be matched dollar for dollar by long standing Lewa supporters. The early timing of this challenge is critical as Lewa continues to recover from slow tourism.

The Lewa story is deeply rooted in Kenyan conservation history. It all began as a small rhino sanctuary with 15 rhinos, Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary, in the early 1980s, in response to a terrible poaching crisis. As rhino numbers grew, the sanctuary was expanded to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Fast forward 40 years, Lewa is home to 247 rhinos (15% of Kenya’s rhino population) and has become one of Kenya’s best conservation successes.

Cognisant that the future of any conservation mission depends on the fortunes of surrounding communities, Lewa’s community based conservation approach has always been one of inclusivity and tangible contribution to rural livelihoods.  For us, this is not the mission of a moment, but the work of a lifetime. Climate change, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and other factors are putting pressure on wildlife and communities across Kenya and Africa. Your support now enables Lewa and communities mitigate these threats and improve livelihoods in ways compatible with wildlife.

Lewa above all else, will continue to make strategic investments into people, one of our planet’s most treasured landscapes and nature.  Join us now to meet and exceed the $50,000 #EarthDay challenge in 22 days. Let us work together once more for the benefit of people’s health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of wildlife and the environment. We hope you will join us and that we can welcome you to Lewa this year

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