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Few organisations have been as committed and steadfast in their support of Lewa as Zoo Zürich. A supporter and ambassador of Lewa for more than two decades, Lewa and Zoo Zürich’s formal partnership is built on a shared commitment to conserving Africa’s most charismatic species including the critically endangered Grevy’s Zebra and Black and White rhino in the wild.

On the 15th of June 2022, Lewa and Zoo Zürich celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Zoo’s Lewa Savanna exhibit, 5.6 hectares in size, which provides habitat to 15 species found on the African savanna including some birds and reptiles. The exhibit is modelled after the Conservancy, and even includes a replica of a Lewa-supported school, Lewa landing strip, and an iconic watering hole! Educational and engaging, the exhibit raises awareness of the threats to northern Kenya’s ecosystems and encourages zoo visitors to personally contribute to the protection of endangered species in the wild. The event, hosted at the Savanna exhibit, brought together new and existing supporters of our partnership, and attendees were graced with the presence of the Deputy Chief of Mission to Kenya, Madam Judy Njau, who is based in Bern, Switzerland.

Like Lewa, Zoo Zürich is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. To celebrate the commitment of local people to species conservation, Zoo Zürich awarded its first-ever Nature Conservation Award. The winner of this prestigious award was given to Lewa’s very own Head of Education and Lewa Education Programme alumni, Purity Kinoti, for her efforts in the empowerment of young people through education.

We are delighted that the event was such a success and look forward to many more years of collaboration and continued impactful partnership.

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