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The Lewa Education Programme has offered 50 scholarships to gifted learners who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2023.

Our initiative goes beyond traditional financial aid by not only securing the coverage of their school fees for the next four years but also providing crucial educational resources such as textbooks, uniforms, and necessary school supplies. This will remove financial barriers and create opportunities for gifted learners to pursue their dreams.

Muna Hussein (Photo by John Kimani)

Among the recipients of these transformative scholarships is Muna Hussein, an accomplished alumna of Kilimani Primary School in Isiolo County. Muna, fueled by her aspirations of becoming an engineer, envisions a future where her education not only uplifts her own life but also serves to support her mother, who battles a heart condition.

Expressing profound gratitude for the assistance received from Lewa and its generous donors, Muna’s mother radiates confidence as she envisions not only her daughter’s academic success but also the transformative power that this education will bring to their community.

Muna Hussein and her mum. (Photo by John Kimani)

In her own words, “I am filled with gratitude because, on my own, I would not have been able to provide Muna with an education. I am confident that with this support, she will not only excel in her exams but will also contribute positively to her community.”

A special thanks to our generous supporters at Lewa Conservancy, whose support is not only financial but represents a commitment to empowering young minds and transforming lives.

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